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EM/EMS Stabilisers
The EM and EMS range of AC Voltage Stabilisers and Power Conditioners from Watford Control offers the most cost effective and efficient way to ensure a stable, undistorted mains supply for the vast majority of applications. Based on the proven electronic servo design, a double wound transformer has its secondary winding connected between the incoming AC supply and the load, with the primary winding voltage controlled by a motor-driven variable auto transformer. A solid-state servo amplifier continuously monitors the output voltage of the stabiliser, and any error voltage is amplified to operate the servomotor of the variable transformer, driving its brush-gear to a point where it is injecting a voltage that will correct the supply voltage by adding or subtracting from it. Over six thousand models span ratings from 1kVA to 8,000kVA, single or three-phase, incorporating full transient spike and noise suppression if required. Available with a wide selection of input voltage ranges from ±8% to ±40%.


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Designed for Nuclear Applications to meet the stringent demands required for the nuclear power generation industry and other safety critical applications such as telecommunication relay stations and mobile phone transmission sites. Our “N” range of AC Voltage Stabilisers is based on the existing EMS series of stabilisers. The new models have a specially constructed welded steel frame with additional supports for the heavy internal components such as the Rotavolt assembly (continuously variable auto-transformers) and the Buck-Boost transformers. This ensures that the assembly can withstand the rigors of a major seismic disturbance and still continue to function. In addition to the new frame all the variable transformers and buck-boost assemblies are constructed using high quality laminates for additional thermal integrity, ensuring the stabilisers conform to the requirements of the nuclear industry and continue to operate in the more demanding environments experienced in these applications.

Designed for Contaminated EnvironmentsThe “H2S” range of stabilisers has been developed to work in contaminated environments including Hydrogen Sulphide gas. These units use specially constructed variable auto-transformers which have been designed using materials and coatings resistant to contamination. All the control circuitry is fully encapsulated to prevent corrosion to the electronic components.

Designed for outdoor use.For outdoor use or any installation in humid or contaminated environments, a range of IP rated air-cooled stabilisers are available for mounting inside GRP enclosures with either naturally ventilated or forced air-cooling. The GRP enclosures can be designed to specific requirements to conform to the required IP rating. For smaller models up to 100kVA the oil immersion of stabilisers results in a more efficient cooling and a reduction in size compared to air-cooled stabilisers. They are available in both single and three phase models. The EMO range, are normally supplied suitable for ground mounting but some of the smaller versions are available for pole mounting.