Netline Solutions

Medical Facilities

Challenges –

  1. Increased Demand for Medical Care – Faced with the rising number of chronic and age related diseases, hospitals need to tackle increase demand for medical care and to implement more efficient processes.
  2. Progress and new medical technology – Medical equipment is becoming increasingly sophisticated as it keeps up with medical and technology advances for better treatment of diseases.
  3. Increasing Energy costs – Medical Facilities are among the most energy intensive in the service sector. One of the major challenges faced by hospitals today is to reduce energy bills while ensuring the safety of care.
  4. Safety of Patients – The availability of a reliable electrical power supply is vital to ensure the continuity of care. Power failures of any duration that can lead to critical situations are unacceptable.

    Tailored Solutions
    Electrical Infrastructure

    Preliminary engineering assessment – In depth audit of the electrical facilities – A secure and reliable power supply for all buildings – A power supply adapted to the level of criticality of medical premises – Continuity of the electrical power supply in medical premises – Patient safety via specific electrical power distribution
    IT Infrastructure
    The protection and availability of IT systems – the availability and securing of patient data and hospital communication systems – Managing the energy performance of buildings – monitoring critical power circuits
    Medical Imaging
    Service continuity of medical imaging equipment (MRI, XRAYs, CT Scans, etc) – preventive and predictive maintainence of equipment – planning for replacement of parts subject to wear and tear – 24/7 maintenance contracts with on-site support

IT Infrastructure

In a connected world, it’s now more important than ever to protect critical information and data. Data Centers are the foundation of the digital economy and they require partners that can help them with the following. Save time in Planning, Designing and Deployment / Minimize Capital Outlay and operating expenses / Maximize uptime and critical systems Solutions – Our design experts can offer solutions with Compact design and optimized footprint. High-density technology with full front access make the best footprint saver, well suited for confined spaces.

Products that allow scalability enable you to pay as you grow, maximizing savings on capital investment and Total Cost of Ownership.

Monitor, manage, and model your IT infrastructure, and get service support, anytime, anywhere.

Medical Imaging 

Challenges –

  1. Optimum safety and guaranteed uptime – The demands placed upon the healthcare sector have never been greater. The starting point of effective and accurate diagnostics is investigative medical imaging. The latest imaging systems represent a significant investment and are heavily utilised. These vital assets depend on a guaranteed power supply in order deliver the optimum results.
  2. Precise dose management and patient care – Dose exposure is a critical factor in patient care. Supplying sufficient energy to support the examination requires precise control which requires reliable systems.
  3. IT processing and Big Data for the medical imaging sector – Never before has IT and Data played such an important role in the medical imaging sector. Every member of an imaging team will recognize that while priority is patient diagnosis, the IT systems are a vital support during the process. Tailored Solutions – Electrical Infrastructure Decentralized or mutualized solutions Single supply architecture (Image) Centralized Architecture (Image) IT Infrastructure The protection and availability of IT systems – the availability and securing of patient data and hospital communication systems

Industrial Applications

Continuous, reliable and flexible, cost-effective production systems are key ingredients for every Industrial facility. When fine-tuning production processes to meet evolving consumer needs, customers need partners that can keep pace, moving forward with the latest technology to remain competitive. With a heritage in electrical distribution and ongoing investment in innovation, we work with our partners to ensure continuous production, to optimize energy costs and to protect people and assets.
Take control of your energy usage – the key to unlocking your productivity Whatever your business, process downtime equates to losses. The impact on your production output, your customers and your bottom line can be significant. We have developed a range of solutions – including low voltage switching components, metering, measurement and protection systems – to guarantee power availability in critical applications, take control of energy consumption and identify energy drifts.
To achieve optimum performance, your equipment needs a high-quality energy supply – and components that contribute to overall energy efficiency. Our solutions are proven in the most challenging operating environments and applications around the world – maximizing energy availability without compromising on safety.

Renewable Energy

Build Operate and Transfer, Tariff Based and Purchase entire system