Offering a wide range of solutions and services, Sungrow is committed to providing clean power for all and is steadfast in its efforts to become the global leader in clean power conversion technology.

Sungrow has been engaged in clean power generation since 1997. Its product solutions and services are helping to produce clean and green energy in more than 150 countries. Its R&D team is composed of international experts committed to providing first-class solutions to global customer base – and to the globe we all live on.

More Than 340GW

In absolute numbers there are 340GW that are currently deployed by Sungrow globally. This number may sound quite impressive, but compared to worldwide energy consumption we still have room to grow. We will continue to push for a cleaner world, that’s a promise.

String inverters transform the direct current (DC) from your PV panels into an alternating current (AC) that can be fed into the electrical grid.
String inverters are mostly used in residential and commercial solar projects such as rooftop, carport, ground mount and tracker installations. Sungrow string inverters come in a power range between 2kW and 352 kW.