Maintenance contracts

  • Annual preventive maintenance visit
  • Emergency hot-line 24/7
  • Response Time to Site within 2 to 6 hours
  • Original spare parts
  • Battery check


  • The maintenance service packages combines
    the advantages of preventive maintenance
    and emergency service. Entirely tailored
    to your needs, the packages account for
    individual operating constraints, business
    activity and the unique level of criticality
    associated with specific applications

Preventive maintenance

Inspections: mechanical, electrical, battery

  • Dust removal / equipment cleaning
  • Software updates
  • Electronics testing
  • Environmental checks
  • Battery check
  • Communication test
  •  Quality technical support
  • Fast and precise diagnostics

Emergency service 24/7

  • Specialist team of engineers on call 24 / 7
  • Technical expertise on-site within 6 to 2 hours guaranteed
  • Remote monitoring and proactive troubleshooting with Link-UPS
  • 24 / 7 original spare part stock availability with high priority shipment
  • Continuous monitoring of your equipment’s
  • Problem prevention
  • Reduced Mean Time To Repair
  • Increases system availability
  • Reduces downtime costs

Battery care

  • Impedance test, thermal imaging, temperature, voltage measurement
    block by block
  • Faulty / weak block detection
  • Back-up time measurement (optional)
  • Prevents UPS instability and malfunctions
  • Avoids risk of system breakdown
  • Saves downtime costs

Replacement of consumables

  • Original fans and capacitors and power supply PCB
  • Fast delivery
  • Knowledgeable technical support
  • Safe and certified replacement procedure
  • All critical points will be secured and under
  • Reduced risk of potential faults going
  • Costly downtime and the risk of operating
    losses are cut