Solar Systems

Net-line Pvt Ltd Green Energy solution to Pakistan’s consistent energy problem. The innovative Solar technology is the right fit for every consumer that enjoys a economical non interrupted power source.

Our Solar Systems range from anywhere to 1KW to 5 Megawatts. They are robust in design, built for high energy output, suitable for harsh environments and consists of multiple layers for maximum protection.


Off Grid System

An Off Grid System is the complete round the clock solution. Energy is generated through solar panels which is distributed to the running load and the batteries attached to the system which are used during non-daylight hours.


  • Never pay another electricity bill     
  • Save the planet     
  • Never face a Power Outage from the utility grid     
Mounted Solar Solution

Net-Line Pvt Ltd complete solution for businesses that reduce reliability on the utility grid and increase productivity.


  • Reduce Long term Electricity Cost     
  • Go Green     
  • Never face a Power Outage from the utility grid